Toyota LandCruiser 2017

This is the Toyota LandCruiser the most capable and durable new car. It’s features includes
Safety features:
A 360 degree camera top round view, A radar cruise control(it slows down/speeds up depending on the car in front of you, automatic braking if your about to get in an accident, blind spot monitor, and lane departure warning.
Other features:
Automatic climate control seats(here you turn on the seats heated/cold and it does whatever necessary to get the seat temperature to your exact liking) which is an exquisite luxury touch, low range gearing, crawl control(cruise control off road) it basically gets the car unstuck when it’s stuck by sending the right amount of power to the wheel to get it unstuck instead of you pressing on the gas pedal and hoping it comes out.
A stylish key which says LandCruiser on the back with tire marks clearly emphasizes its off road capability and the key simply is the start of your Journey
A cooling center console which cools basically anything you want because the climate vents flow through it and it works silently even at Max cool.Tremendous leather seats materials, the middle row arm rest has a cup holder which automatically pops out at the push of a button.
Like all Landcruiser it still features a split tail gate, A voice control system that you train to recognize your voice, A maintenance reminder for all car systems and also personal and specific dates important to you. It is safe to say it has a good infotainment system.
Brand Toyota
Model LandCruiser
Year 2017
Fuel type Petrol
Vehicle Type SUV
Mileage 1049Km
Transmission Automatic
Vehicle Traction All Wheel Drive
Car Location Abuja
Exterior Color Solid Black